The Potty Animals are here! The Potty Animals are here!

buy cod Seroquel Potty Animals: What To Know When You’ve Gotta Go! has hit the ground running! Designed for a book for children who are nearly poitty trained but not quite civilized, it’s a collection of poems about some critters with poor potty etiquette. Flushing, wiping, zipping, washing hands — it’s all in there! If you are tired of sitting on wet toilet seats or flushing little people’s messes, this is the book for you.

I’m thrilled to bits that my first review, from venerable school librarian Kemrī Travis Jonker of  100scopenotes fame, is a juicy peach. Here’s a taste:

“I don’t know if I can be much clearer than this: Potty Animals should be PreK-2nd grade required reading. And I don’t say this based solely on the information contained within, but because of the entertaining, interactive, and successful way it’s delivered…[big snip]…It’s a pleasant surprise to read an etiquette book for young readers that exceeds expectations, and that’s what this one did. You know a lower elementary teacher? How about the parent of a child in that age group? You’ll be making a good move by picking this one up for them. Don’t hesitate to add it to your library collection.”

Yummy! His review is thoughtful and comprehensive, and you can read the entire thing here.

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