Nesting *and* Flying the Coop

I have been neglecting my writing in favor of some VIP nesting…my sister and her family have just moved from Iowa City to Ann Arbor so her husband can work with Mike on our new farm endeavor. They have two adorable and charming boys…just like the Wild Things threatened Max…I’m tempted to eat them up, I love them so! I am looking forward to much cheek nibbling and picture book inspiration. My contribution to their new nest was mostly on the design end, plus several late nights spent mapping, cutting, placing and grouting tile backsplashes. I do love a project. (My hands, however, are TORN UP.) Pictures soonish!

Flying the coop refers to an exciting project referenced here by illustrator extraordinaire and friend order disulfiram over the counter Lisa Kopelke! In addition to having many mutual sensibilities, Lisa and I shared a literary agent until she left the business to raise a family. Once our agent kicked us out of her nest, so to speak, we decided to carry on with a joint project we had in the works — a little book called Birdie — and it has been such a delight. The story (and the art) involves many of our mutually favorite things…sewing, birds, dogs, optimism, friendship, vintage fabrics, and buttons, to name a few!

Anyway, while we are breaking all the submission rules, I might as well share some sneak peeks…


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