Favorite Things Friday: Tiny Chairs, Revisited

Oops, this was last Friday’s post. I plead technical difficulties. (A.K.A. “summer”).

I’m revisiting a http://yookyoungyong.com/product/tall-mug-blue?add-to-cart=598 previous post because I’m short on time and long on tiny chairs. And my lovely prednisone 20 mg purchase sister brought me a new one!

humpty dumpty sat on britt's chair

Humpty Dumpty sat on Britt’s chair

I don’t know why tiny chairs, in particular, attract me. A friend recently made a crack about old ladies buying tiny bicycles (among other things they don’t need) at Hallmark stores and I thought, Does my affection for tiny chairs mean I am an old lady?!

Then I realized:

  • tiny chairs are so different from tiny bicycles!
  • I don’t buy tiny anything at Hallmark, just greeting cards and gift wrap;
  • I don’t as much buy tiny chairs as I hunt for them. Entirely different.

(Phew, dodged that old lady bullet.)

When I was little I liked to make tiny furniture out of recycled or found items: chairs out of toilet paper tubes, beds out of matchboxes, tables out of strawberry containers. I loved the Borrowers books and liked to imagine that my creations might be useful to someone, someday.

I don’t have a favorite era or style of tiny chair. Upholstered ones are cool because I have learned during my bird-making adventures that it’s really hard to make tiny things out of fabric. I also like to see scaled down versions of modern designs.

thoroughly modern monkey

thoughtful modern monkey

I think I like chairs because they are a compact little stage. The way one sits also reveals a lot about the sitter–whether they’re comfortable, confident, defensive, etc. Look at this stylish, slightly harried housewife sitting on a lovely lawn chair tracked down by my friend Darla. Joan is relaxed, maybe a little frazzled, but completely in command of her senses (and audience). I’d like to hear what she has to say. Whereas Thoroughly Modern Monkey above is nervous and thoughtful. I wonder what he’s looking at?

isn't she lovely?

isn’t she lovely?

Anyway…a few more chairs below. Be my guest!

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One Response to Favorite Things Friday: Tiny Chairs, Revisited

  1. Lisa Wheeler says:

    Tiny butts in tiny chairs
    Tiny feet on tiny stairs

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