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Gorilla Marketing

buy isotretinoin pills online I like to make things when my books come out — a kind of stress-relieving, countdown activity. And I also like to send my publishing team little gifts at relevant times of year. Since Potty Animals was coming out right … Continue reading

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Laura’s Litter It’s Piggypalooza 2011, the sequel! Laura delivered 12 bouncing babies today! I played pigwife…mid-pig…doula, because everyone was gone! Max showed up midway. They are all different colors: some with belts that match our cows’. Some very pink, some pink with … Continue reading

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Blogger Love 2

Social media networking is a mixed blessing. Some days, you stumble across book reviews you’d rather not have seen. (Can you say “axe to grind”? I thought you could!) Other days, the interwebs deliver lovely, unsolicited reviews that complete and … Continue reading

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More piggies!

Stiill pictures are great, but video really drives the cute home!

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