Author Visits

Falkenberg Author Visits
I get many requests for school visits and library talks in my capacity as an author and an early childhood consultant. I’d love to hear about your event, but please read my where to order prednisone Author Visits flyer before e-mailing me for info. It will save us both time!



  • The Writing Life
  • The Story Behind My Stories
  • Becoming a Better Writer
  • Revising
  • The Art & Craft of Writing
  • Poetry for Non-Poets

Adult Writers & Readers:

  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Publishing But Were Afraid to Ask
  • Rhyming Right
  • Crafting Books for the Youngest Readers
  • Picture Book Form & Function
  • Ages & Stages: How Emotional and Cognitive Development Affects Your Audience

For Parents and Educators:

  • The Importance of Reading to Babies (and Big Kids!)
  • Book-Based Curriculum Webbing
  • All-day, Every Day Literacy-Rich Activities for Young Children
  • Toilet Learning
  • Encouraging Independence
  • Biting
  • Shaping Behavior in Early Childhood

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you donate school visits? I do a limited number of free visits each year, and these tend to be booked far in advance. Please understand that most authors receive many requests for free visits and if we indulged them all, we’d have little time for writing. I do have suggestions for funding a school visit on my Author Visits flyer.
  • Do you offer discounts for school visits? I consider requests for specific discounts. Please don’t contact me and ask for my lowest price. Make a proposal and let me know why your program needs a discount. Generally, I reserve discounts for schools that meet Title I criteria, or visits to several schools in a single area.
  • Can you donate a copy of your book for my classroom, auction, or fundraiser? I donate many copies of books to favorite causes each year, but I turn away many more requests. Please understand that these are not “free author copies,” but books that I have paid for myself. In general, most of my donations are to people, places, and causes with which I have personal connections. I don’t respond to mass e-mail requests.
  • What about review copies? Professional reviewers may contact any of my publishers for review copies of my books.
  • How can I order books for an author event? This flyer is a complete list of my titles and specific ordering information.

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