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  • Verla Kay’s Blueboard forum
  • SCBWI’s member forums
  • The comments section of blogs by industry professionals. Remember: think twice, post once! Be professional (use your real name; practice good grammar; remember that you never know who’s reading) and courteous (you’re a guest of the blogger).

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Picture Book Dummy Templates

When I am having trouble with the pacing or length of a picture book, I will often make a thumbnail dummy to help me picture page turns and how long a reader would linger on a particular block of text. I make stick figure sketches to help me make sure there are opportunities for visual variety in my text, but I am not deciding how the pictures should look — that’s the illustrator’s job. Making a dummy is just an exercise for me. Unless you are a professional illustrator, don’t send your dummy along with a submission. No matter how cute it is. Really. I mean it. (If you find yourself wanting to explain why this particular book needs a dummy so an editor can visualize it, chances are you haven’t really captured the story wioth your writing. A couple of art notes are okay, but that’s it!)

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There are many paid critique services available. These are some people whose work I’m familiar with:

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  • If you are a children’s book-a-phile, you need to read Collecting Children’s Books, Peter D. Sieruta’s blog. A librarian, Peter knows all kinds of fascinating stories behind the stories. I love this thoughtful, informative blog!
  • Linky-Loo: I don’t know about you, but I enjoy wandering through creative people’s websites and explore their work and their process. On this page you can find a whole lotta great links!

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