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Vintage Advice: Dream Analysis!

10,000 Dreams Interpreted Gustavus Hindman Miller 1931, Hubbard Press Today in Vintage Advice…what your dreams mean…or not! Here’s a quick recap of the 40-page (!) introduction: There are three pure types of dreams: subjective, physical, and spiritual…The latter is always … Continue reading

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Vintage Advice: The Art of Cooking and Serving

The Art of Cooking and Serving by Sarah Field Splint Proctor & Gamble, approx. 1932 The cover art attracted me to this little book–I love me some Art Deco. The author’s name sounds like a pseudonym a la Betty Crocker, … Continue reading

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Vintage Advice: Suggestions for Better Living

Today’s Vintage Advice comes from a pamphlet. Suggestions for Better Living a publication of WTVB-FM, Coldwater Michigan, ~1952 When I spied this pamphlet on an antique store shelf, I felt a little tingle run down my thrifty spine. It has charming fonts and clip art that … Continue reading

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Vintage Advice: Buffet Thoughts

Thoughts for Buffets (Houghton Mifflin, 1958) I didn’t buy this book. I didn’t even open it. I loved the cover and the mental images it evoked and thought there was no way that the book’s contents could provide more entertainment … Continue reading

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