What Do You Do When a Monster Says Boo?

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buy Lyrica canada pharmacy WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN A MONSTER SAYS BOO?
illustrated by Maggie Smith
Dutton Children’s Books
ISBN: 0-525-47737-3

What do you do when a monster says, “Boo?”
Snatch up your blankets and bury your head?
Holler and howl and crawl under your bed?
No, no, no!
The best thing to do when a monster says, “BOO!”
Is hold out your hand and say “How do you do?”

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From Kirkus:
“In this parallel picture book, older brother keeps his cool with a variety of responses to a little sister’s outrageous behavior by turning his wishfully naughty responses into acceptable solutions…While most would just love to react negatively or be left alone, this brother demonstrates how to respond politely, calmly and even with care and love. A fun-loving read for both impatient and pesky siblings learning to live together.” © 2006

From Booklist:
“This cheerful title offers a welcome perspective–how to cope with other kids’ feelings, particularly those belonging to a sibling. Bouncing rhymes offer suggestions on how to deal with a monster’s moods…Children will enjoy chanting along (“No, no, no!” is a refrain), even as they pick up empowering ideas about how to transform frustrations into positive connection and play.” © ALA 2006

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Growing up with eleven siblings, I had plenty of monsters to contend with! When I became a parent, I realized that most of the “annoying” things my younger son did to his big brother were simply misguided attempts to get his attention. One morning, Max turned to me and said, “Mom, he looks like a monster.” I looked at my adorable Carsten and realized that sometimes he could look like a monster, depending on your perspective, and that’s where it all began.

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