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Creating Curriculum Around Books Children Love
Redleaf Press
ISBN: 978-192961070-9

Tired of your same old lesson plans? Looking for ways to make curriculum more meaningful? Instead of starting with the same old themes, spend some quality time with a treasured friend: a great book. High quality picture books can act as a springboard to curriculum that is creative, engaging, and developmentally appropriate.

Weaving the Literacy Web shows teachers how to pull themes and activities from books to make early childhood curriculum come alive. This comprehensive guide walks new and experienced teachers through all the steps of planning high-quality, emergent curriculum around books, including:

  • Building book-based activities
  • Observing children’s interests
  • Documenting and evaluating curriculum
  • Introducing book-based webbing to staff and families
  • Stocking and evaluating classroom libraries

Weaving the Literacy Web gives adults all the tools they need to instill a lifelong love for literature in the children they teach.

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“A superb contribution to curriculum development resources for the preschool program and kindergarten classroom, Weaving The Literacy Web is also very highly recommended for the homeschooler wanting to instill a love of books and the pleasures of reading within their own children.” — © 2005 Midwest Book Review

“Beginning with a great idea–book-based emergent curriculum–this book answers all possible questions about bringing your curriculum to life through webbing, choosing books, observing children’s interests and issues, staff development, parent communication, and documenting learning across curriculum areas.” –Elizabeth Jones, Pacific Oaks College, Coauthor of Emergent Curriculum

Extra! Extra! Read an interview about this book on author Cynthia Leitich-Smith’s wonderful website.

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Interested in ordering copies of Weaving the Literacy Web for your classroom or college course? Download a printable order form here.

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Hope is available for book-based webbing workshops. Please contact her for more information.

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