Retreat! Advance! I had been hoping to schedule a writing retreat all summer, but between pigs and kids and uncertain vacation plans, it wasn’t coming together. But as we headed (mournfully) into the last couple of weeks before Labor Day, it happened! A friend found a perfect place and I and one more writer friend were available! We hightailed it to Michigan’s lovely west coast for approximately 48 hours of intense work, problem solving, quiet time, and great conversation. We three were the perfect match: a good balance of quiet workers and chat breakers. We went for long walks into Saugatuck and let local restaurants cook us delicious dinners. In between we worked, meditated (okay, napped!), and remembered what it feels like when you put yourself in the right literal and figurative space so your creative mojo can work its magic. I wrote and wrote and wrote! We also played. What a delightful way to wind down the summer. Thanks, gals, for making it happen!

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