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When my first picture books came out way back when, there was very little book blogging going on. Nowadays, book bloggers are the gift that keeps on giving! Long after the major review venues have weighed in (or not), great reviews from real readers keep trickling in. If you’re still not convinced that Potty Animals is a book you Simply Must Have, maybe these intrepid readers can persuade you!

Lake Charles There’s A Book: “Potty Animals is the perfect book to get kiddos excited and interested in using the potty and wonderful for potty ‘veterans’ who may have some quirks they need to work on. Parents will most definitely love this book just as much as their kiddos (if not more), because the humor is so great and not at all crude. Vestergaard’s story and Petrone’s illustrations make this the potty book you want to read with your kiddos. A must for parents with kiddos in this often times difficult stage of life, not only to help the kiddos, but to give the parents a much needed chuckle”  — © 2010 Danielle Smith

Chingola Quiverfull Family:  I can’t honestly remember a time that I’ve laughed so hard reading a picture book. This is such a funny, frank, and age-appropriate way to delve into these issues. — © 2010 Jennifer Bogart

Brimful Curiosities:  “This is not a potty training book, but a book for kids on bathroom manners. Somehow Vestergaard manages to cover this important topic in a fun and tasteful way without sounding preachy. She’s a veteran early childhood teacher so she’s had plenty of experience with the subject matter. And it’s pretty hard not to laugh at Petrone’s bold illustrations of the cartoon animal characters as they break the rules.” — © 2010 Janelle@ Brimful Curiosities

NC Teacher Stuff: “In my career as an elementary school teacher, I have seen every one of these bathroom issues come up at one time or the other, so it’s nice to have a book that combines humor, understanding, and potty etiquette. If you work in preschool or kindergarten, you know the bathroom makes the top ten list of daily issues, so find a copy of Potty Animals if you need to have a discussion with your students about bathroom etiquette.” — © 2010 Jeff Barger

5 Minutes For Books:  “As the mother to three children, you could most definitely say that potty talk is big in my life…Having read just about every picture book that introduces the concept of ditching the diapers and becoming a Big Boy or Girl, I can honestly say that the new book by Hope Vestergaard, Potty Animals: What to Know When You’ve Gotta Go!, stands unique in the crowd…If I make it back into a preschool classroom in the coming years, this book will most definitely be coming with me.” — © 2010 Morninglight Mama

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