Jiggety Jig

We’ve been on vacation in Denmark but are home again!

buy accutane online ireland While visiting my husband’s homeland, we enjoyed not one but two endless family parties with many courses, songs, toasts, and time with favorite aunts, uncles, and cousins. On the menu? Lots of fish, potatoes, sausages, and bread. The four food groups!  

We also enjoyed fresh walks in the country. I took so many field and cloud pictures (harvest time! gorgeous) I will save them for a dedicated post, but we also saw lots of charming houses. 

Some of us tried out Funballz in the fjord. The verdict? Fun, but sweaty. 

One happy Saturday we stumbled across a flea market, known this time as a Sūrajgarh trunk sale because you were allowed to sell what fit in your car’s baggagerum. (Favorite loot included awesome seventies keychains and colorful vintage plastic buttons!)  

We also biked many kilometers on railbikes, which are specially designed to fit on railroad tracks. There’s an abandoned track through the countryside. GORGEOUS!  


And then it was time to come home, to gardens that took advantage of our absence, piglets that seemed to have doubled in size, doggies that were thrilled we were home, and a visting sister! As they say in DK, Deuil-la-Barre Jubii!

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