Favorite Things Friday: Tiny Chairs

my chair rail brings all the toys to the yard

So I actually like all kinds of tiny furniture, but I have a particular affinity for Lyrica tablets buy online tiny chairs. I don’t know why chairs are at the top of the heap. (Note to self: look up chairs in a dream symbolism book or somesuch.) There is a http://snyderartdesign.com/bumbleelovesyou-caw-mural/  country store in Frankenmuth, Michigan, where one could quickly assemble a large collection of tiny chairs from all interior design styles/eras, but that would be no fun. They’re expensive, and the thrilling part for me is the hunt! Over time I have accumulated a small collection of tiny chairs from flea markets, thrift stores, and one or two eBay splurges.

These pictures don’t even show all my chairs, as a few of them are on loan to various vignettes around my house and it’s Friday afternoon and the photos are already taken and I am determined to just get this done. Some chairs are part of other favorite collections so I am saving them for supporting roles in those posts.

Speaking of vignettes…which I will discuss in depth on another Friday…I like evolving art. I love it when visitors rearrange my little scenes and/or raid my treasure chest (a vintage plumber’s toolbox) to switch out the objects. So if you come visit, please note that my house is not a museum and I love surprises. Hint, hint. (no not really/who am I kidding?) HINT, HINT.

Lately I have happened upon a lot of vintage cake toppers in my thrifty excursions, and I thought this football guy’s obvious sense of flair was perfect for today’s shoot.

isn't this chair diVINE?

The large, futuristic chair was a recent find, and I don’t know why that vintage bunny works so well with it but it just does.

space-age bunny

The upholstered wooden chair was a bit of a splurge as it’s handmade and German and part of a set with a couch, two chairs, and a coffee table. I didn’t really need a whole set of tiny living room furniture. And yet, it called to me. It looks super comfy and sturdy to me, the perfect place to plop down with a newspaper after a long day at work in a miniature alternate reality.

(I collected a few tiny toilets when my book Potty Animals came out, too. A kind of game of thrones.)

I know that my affection for tiny furniture has something to do with the fact that our household was always in some sort of physical chaos (renovation, moving, etc.) when I was growing up. I love nesting. But I also love the mind play that happens when I handle small objects. I did a lot of imaginative play until I was quite old…dolls, paper dolls, Fisher Price, Legos. It was both a creative outlet and an escape when things were kind of ragged on the home front. Imaginative play is also how all kids make sense of their world and practice social skills. I made up stories for my toys. I don’t know whether that was because I was already destined to be a writer or if I became a better writer because of all the practice, but I have met many other writers who played with toys for embarrassingly long times. So I am no longer embarrassed. In fact, I’m proud. If you want to come play with my toys, you are welcome.

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4 Responses to Favorite Things Friday: Tiny Chairs

  1. Yet another thing we have in common! I have an entire wall in my house with mini chairs hanging on it! Thanks for sharing your favorite thing. So cute.

  2. Lisa Wheeler says:

    I love your vignettes. Always something new at the Vestergaarden!

  3. Shutta Crum says:

    LOVE this!! You know i love tiny things as well, and have a couple of vignettes that I had to dismantle from the playhouse when we left the farm. Miss having display space. Miss my “Blue’s Clues” chair which was just big enough to hold me…

    Thanks for posting…did you see you name bandied about on MichKids? Had to toot your horn a little more…

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