Favorite Things Friday: Fisher Price People

come on down!

Hamminkeln come on down!

I have always loved Fisher Price people. The original two-inch tall wooden peg style ones are my favorite, but I don’t mind the plastic ones of the same shape. Unfortunately, these were the epitome of a choking hazard in size and shape, so Fisher Price phased them out for newer models I found much less attractive. When I was pregnant with my first son, I used to dream about finding vintage Fisher Price play sets for my own kids to enjoy.

Those dreams did not come true.

You can find original Fisher Price sets many places, of course. They are highly collectible. Which translates into very expensive. Not only is buying high not my M.O., I didn’t have the budget for it. So I was happy just to occasionally find affordable single people or cars. I visited the expensive sets at antique stores and recalled fond memories of me sprawled on shag carpet, surrounded by FP, totally immersed in play.

$75. FIRM

Earlier this year a where can i buy accutane online uk friend of mine who shares my love of treasure hunting found a bunch of vintage Fisher Price at a garage sale up north, dirt cheap. I was jealous! Then I realized my kids are long past them and my nieces and nephews are well-stocked with toys. So I was satisfied with the thought of visiting them at Lisa’s house.


I was running errands this summer and saw a garage sale sign in a quiet neighborhood. They didn’t have much that interested me, except the MOTHER LODE of Fisher Price playsets, all the same versions I loved as a kid (plus a couple newer ones). When I saw the prices, I snapped them up, even though I don’t have a particular use for them at the moment. (If you want to hear the price, leave a comment. I will tell you. But you will be jealous.) The women running the sale were thrilled someone would give them all a good home.



I got the house, the schoolhouse, the garage, the camper, and the farm. They are not complete, but nearly. The foam on the beds has been picked away, some of the people are a little chewed up, and a few of the decals are peeling, but that only adds to the authenticity. I left the toys out in the living room and had the distinct pleasure of watching my nephew and niece discover them and go to town. Listening to Charlotte’s narration and Brody’s negotiating skills was such a delight. Easiest babysitting ever!

This post is picture-heavy. I hope you don’t mind. When I went to take pictures of the sets, I was overcome with the urge to play and so I did. My sister helped me. It was soooo good.

photo shoot staging area

PS: I’m still on the lookout for the hospital, preschool, and (cue the hallelujah choir) CASTLE! (Found it at a church sale two days after typing this. No furnishings, but it’s a start!)

how many FP sets do you spy?

how many FP sets do you spy?

PPS: This picture conveniently (mysteriously? fortuitously?!) floated to the top of one of my piles just now. That’s my brother Leif with me.

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5 Responses to Favorite Things Friday: Fisher Price People

  1. Barb Weid says:

    Thanks for all the great pics and memories! Unfortunately Stacey will see it and chastise me AGAIN for getting rid of many of ours :)

    • Hope says:

      Well Stacey will just have to come over and play with them, then! Maybe she will be a good caretaker of these when I’ve had my fill.

  2. Lisa Wheeler says:

    I am so happy for you and envious of you! Cannot wait to come and see all those wonderful toys!!!! Okay, you know I have to ask—how much for all???

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