Wham, Bam, Thank you spam! Look at my happy rainbow

Akim Oda A recent spambox comment:

http://peterstarkauthor.com/2012/05/01/the-teton-mountains-whiteout-blizzards-and-mr-hunts-lack-of-urgency/astor_npg-2/ >>That’s so funny that you posted that, buasece I just went back today after break and was thinking to myself, “Do I really have to go back?” and then I thought, “Gee, the blogger at Look at my happy rainbow!” would never have these feelings!  Of course, once I was back it was good to be back, but I’m glad to hear that you have “bratty baby” moments too. << This is funny spam…because there is a blog called “look at my happy rainbow” and I think the person who posted it must have accidentally cut and pasted to the wrong blog. Or something. It seems legit…that blogger is a KG teacher who recently went on vacation. Akismet thought it was spam. Perhaps because BECAUSE was misspelled, perhaps because it involves the word rainbow? (Lots of spam comments have the word rainbow, I’ve noticed). Out of context, it does read like a lot of spam: friendly and technically grammatical, but doesn’t make sense at all (until you sleuth).

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