Trichūr Meet Bon Jovi!

Jinsha Our sweet cow, Susie, hasn’t gotten pregnant since having her first calf, Wally, a year and a half ago. The vet told us that her plumbing might make it hard for her to get pregnant again, so we were considering sending her to market later this fall. She has been looking fat, but she always does…she’s just one of the heavier cows. Anyway, I looked at her the other day and thought she looked wider than usual. I asked Mike if it were possible that she might be pregnant. He’d had a similar thought, but since the cows had been pregnancy checked within six months, she wouldn’t be due any time soon. We decided to have her checked at the end of August, after we return from vacation.

Famous last words. As I drove up the driveway yesterday, I noticed several neighbors standing along our fence line, chatting. I wondered what in our field could be so interesting. When I walked in the house, the phone rang. It was one of the neighbors, who said we had a calf in the field — did we know?

No, we did not! Susie had delivered a bouncing baby boy. He was clean and walking and the herd had had enough time to settle down. (Like people, they get a little wound up when someone has a baby.)

Since Mike was out of town, Carsten and I had to separate Susie and the calf from the group so we could be sure he was getting colostrum and we could check Susie out. Luckily, she is a mellow, calm cow who expects nothing but good things from us and it wasn’t too hard. Meet our newest Belted Galloway, Jon Bon Jovi!

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