Hello, Snow!

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illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott
Melanie Kroupa Books
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 0374329494

Hello, morning . . .Goodbye, night. I see something cold and white!

Hurry! No time to eat!
Pull your clothes on–fast!

Hello, sock. Goodbye, toe. Hold on, piggies–in you go!

Get ready to race outside, find a friend, and jump right into piles of white–HELLO, SNOW!

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~2005 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award Winner~

From Booklist:
“Always upbeat and often comical, the artwork captures and extends the joyful tone of the text….This is one winter picture book that lets you feel the snow. And irresistible addition to winter story hours.” © 2004

From Horn Book Magazine:
“New snow, that most joyful of childhood happenings, is celebrated in verse that will have young audiences chanting along by the second reading. Westcott propels the proceedings with spring-loaded, cartoony drawings and cheery colors. Just the thing after a spirited romp in the snow – or when everyone is wishing for one.” © 2004

From School Library Journal:
“The rhyming text uses simple language to highlight familiar activities. The cartoon illustrations are filled with action and humor and reflect the excitement of a snowy day.” © 2004

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When my sons were little, we played a peek-a-boo game while I tried to wrestle them into their snowsuits, mittens, hats, and boots: Goodbye, fingers! Hello, toes! This always made the task more fun. One snowy morning, I was trying to shovel out driveway, but the kids were making it hard. They sledded on the shovels and made forts and knocked snow all over the sidewalks I’d just cleared. I finally gave up and played with them. When we finally went inside, I sat down and wrote the first draft of this story. I still like to sled, and luckily, my kids like to shovel!

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