Hillside Lullaby

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illustrated by Margie Moore
Dutton Children’s Books
ISBN: 0-525-47215-0

In a house on a hillside,
a wild little child’s
not ready to close her eyes.
She burrows in blankets,
and talks to her toys,
and listens for lullabies.


I grew up a city girl and went to sleep to the sounds of cars, neighbors, and siblings. When I moved to our little farm several years ago, the night sounds were a little spooky at first. I could hear deer walking under my bedroom window, toads singing to each other, and hundreds and hundreds of crickets! Once I got used to these noises, I began to look forward to them every night. That’s where the sounds from this book came from — my backyard. The character is based loosely on my niece, Reese, a little girl who really knows how to get cozy and who is very good at entertaining herself. Reese’s dad, Ben, wrote the tune for this book for me!

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From Kirkus:

“Each night noise that may startle young children as they attempt to find sleep is attributed to nature-rustling in the leaves, frog croaks, etc. …The sweetly drawn animals tucked in tight for sleep will tempt even the wildest child to listen to his own hillside lullaby and give in to the Sandman. A must for every child with a window to the great outdoors and a heart that will listen to nature’s song.” © 2006

From Booklist:

“This gentle good-night story swings along with the rocking rhythm of a bedtime song…Children will easily recognize the animals’ procrastination techniques…luminous double-page images of starlit sky, deeply shadowed lawn, and sleepy animals evoke both the cozy comfort of bedtime and the dreamy mystery of the nighttime world.” © 2006

From School Library Journal:

“Tucked in her bed, the little girl hears the sounds of the nearby animals, as birds, raccoons, frogs, and deer settle their babies down and the crickets sing the creatures and the child to sleep… youngsters will enjoy nodding off with these gentle, twilight-hued images in their heads.” © 2006

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You can download a personal copy of the Hillside Lullaby song.  (File size: 4.28 MB)     Music by Ben Hill, performed by LaCretta Ross. Click this link: Hillside Lullaby Song to listen to the MP3 file.

To save the song to your computer:

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